Living On The Scuba Edge: Tech or Not To Tech

Living On The Scuba Edge: Tech or Not To Tech

Some of us scuba divers build up curiosity and courage to venture out of the norm of diving.  This is a good thing!  The types of divers that push to the edge a little are hungry for knowledge and experience.  Assuming they look in the right places, they will get just that and learn additional safety precautions to make them a better diver.  Some of these divers eventually start asking questions about tech diving.

Tech diving is not commercial diving or all about going deep.  Although, some of activities that are involved may interchange or overlap.  Tech diving is what you want to make of it.  Maybe you do want to go deep and the dive the Andrea Doria (or the damaged carnival ship in the next high tides) or do a deep penetration into a cave, and that’s OK.  For others it could be just enjoying something a little longer or a little better.  Some great shipwrecks or wall dives are 80ft to 150ft.  Having the ability to safely scuba dive for twice, or even three or four times the recreational no decompression limits can bring joys and conversations that can last a lifetime.  Enjoying a scuba dive ‘better’ can be relative.  For the purpose of this article, I’m going too refer to it as a noise free environment.

This noise free environment can attract more fish by not scaring them away from the sounds of your bubbles when you exhale.  This creates an opportunity for better photo and video expedition or dives. This is all done with rebreathers. Although I am not a rebreather instructor, I know there are benefits to it, but at a cost.  This cost will continue to come down as it becomes more mainstream.  Due to the expense, many divers, including myself, have used open circuit scuba for their tech experience.

Without being intimidated by tech diving, you can experience tech diving without the investment.  You can do this through a discover tech experience.  This can be an orientation in a classroom setting and an optional pool session in the water you can stand up easily in.  This usually is followed up with a questions and answers session with no obligation to do anything.  it is not for everyone.  My only question for you is how do you know for sure until you actually try it?

If an introduction to tech diving orientation is of any interest, please contact me and we can set it up.  We mainly do it in groups at a central location or dive center.  This is an advantage so you can hear other divers questions and concerns.  You should jump in and try it.  Contact us today!