Shhh… it’s a secret! Come Try Scuba Diving To Find Out!

Hey everyone! The Try Scuba event is just a few days away. This is getting exciting. I have been receiving emails all week asking questions about the event. This is something you don’t want to miss. After all, it will be in a nice heated pool around people that are having a lot of fun. There is still snow on the ground outside! How can anything top this?

I want to let you in on a little secret. The big boss guy is out of town (scuba diving of course!). We will have a special promotion that will be announced at the event. He will not believe what I’m about to do. But you need to be there at the event to know what it is. I also need you to keep this our little secret. Promise you won’t tell him? Thanks! Phew!

Moving on. . .

Did you know, in 1943 a French man named Jacques Cousteau invented the first SCUBA, which was called the Aqualung. Records actually suggest that Leonardo da Vinci had prepared a blue print of such equipment 300 years prior to the development of the Aqualung.

Here it is 2010, and millions of people go on with life always wanting to try scuba diving and never do. This is your chance to take advantage of this opportunity with your friends and family at no cost. It will be an experience you will never forget! So, grab your dive buddy and get out of the cold snowy weather and DIVE into a heated pool. I will see you at the event Saturday.

Please visit the Facebook event wall and check out videos and pictures of the pool and past event.

Happy Diving,
Butch Zemar