The First Step has finally Happened |

As we had discussed last week.  CITES was in the process of protecting Sharks and Manta Rays.  You can click on Sharks and Rays to read that blog.  At that point in time, it was just a recommendation.

We are happy to report that CITES did take the recommendation and placed 5 Sharks and Manta Rays on the protection list.  This is a huge step forward and you can read more about it on the link provided here from Project AWARE:

These animals need our help to sustain a healthy ocean.  We came up short in 2010 and this time there was a challenge by several countries that did not want to see this change.  In the end, we are over the hurdle and onto the next.  By itself, the placement of these Sharks and Manta Rays on the protected list will do nothing.  There needs to be pressure to create regulations to make the act of fishing and targeting of these animals unprofitable.  That is the next step, and will take as much focus and dedication as what the first step took.

We are going to get there.  Without a doubt, we are slowly starting to turn the tide as it were in favor of protecting our oceans.  It is not a resource that we could keep harvesting without something breaking.  I only hope that we are in time enough to help Sharks and Manta Rays make a strong return for all to see.

Mike Shea