This Weekends Dive |

This Weekends Dive |

This weekend we will be getting the gear together and taking a dive into the local waters here in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area.  This weekend will find LeeAnn looking for a new certification and myself being a dive master again.  I always have fun as a dive master.

What are we doing this weekend?  Well LeeAnn and some others are taking their first steps into becoming “Technical Scuba Divers”.  With a little luck, they should finish their Tec 40 certification.  This has been a good group since the divers have some time underwater, and not just looking to get another cert card.  So they have been a great group asking questions, trying to understand the concepts we are talking about and taking serious the implications of being underwater that deep and that long.

PADI did a nice thing by breaking the Tec diving certifications into different levels.  This way it has allowed divers to get the steps into Technical diving without overloading you the diver.  Tec 40 allows you to dive with gear that you have.  Your max depth is 130 feet, just as recreational limits.  You can just stay down longer with bailout bottles.  So you are getting into the rigors and considerations of what goes into Tec Dive planning.  Your not just jumping into the water and staying down till you have “so much” left in the cylinder.

Technical diving has a bit more planning and concerns than what recreational diving does.  So Tec 40 allows you to focus on those planning aspects while also getting into the water and learning some of rigors of Tec diving.  So it is that old building block mentality.

So I am looking forward to this weekend.  Should be a great time with some great scuba divers.  They should have a great time achieving this first step of Tec diving.

Mike Shea